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Soft Skill and English Communication Questions pdf in hindi and english

This question is for all those trainees who are doing CITS or ITI.  The answer to the question is bolded "

यह प्रश्न उन सभी प्रशिक्षुओं के लिए है जो CITS या ITI कर रहे हैं।  प्रश्न का उत्तर बोल्ड है। प्रश्न को हिंदी में देखने के लिए भाषा को बदले ।

Soft Skill and English Communication Top 50 Questions pdf

PART - 2

Soft Skill and English Communication Top 50 Questions PART-1 Click here

Q 25) Choose the correct option: A group of words that makes a complete sense or
gives complete meaning is called a _______.
1) Sentence
2) Phrase
3) Paragraph
4) Story

Q 26) Choose the correct option: England ___ won the Ashes series.
1) have 
2) has
3) is
4) are

Q 27) Choose the type of sentence: The police caught the thieves who looted the bank.
1) Complex 
2) Simple 
3) Compound
4) None of these

Q 28) Choose the correct option: How many different parts of speech are there in
English grammer?
1) Eight
2) Six
3) Seven
4) Nine

Q 29) The past tense form for word think 
1) thought
2) taught
3) thank
4) thinked

Q 30) Choose the correct option: A __________ is a word that is used instead of a
1) pronoun
2) adjective
3) adverb
4) verb

Q 31) Choose the correct option: When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my
books__________ the table.
1) off
2) away
3) out 
4) of

Q 32) Choose the correct option: _______________ is the complex of mental
characteristics that makes each of us unique from other people.
1) personality
2) emotional tone
3) heredity
4) confidence

Q 33) Which of the following things can have an effect on the development of an
individual s personality?
1) physical and mental capabilities
2) health and physical appearance
3) skin colour, gender, and sexual orientation
4) All of these

Q 34) Choose the correct option: A ______ speaker looks into the eyes of the audience.
1) confident
2) impatient
3) rude
4) impolite

Q 35) What is the most important thing to do to your hair everyday?
1) comb it
2) colour it
3) cut it
4) All of these

Q 36) What should you use every day to avoid armpit odour?
1) deodorant
2) shampoo
3) comb
4) Shaving cream

Q 37) When you cough, what should you do?
1) cover your mouth with your hand
2) turn your head
3) cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow
4) go home

Q 38) Choose the correct option: Dress code is an example of ___________
1) non-verbal
2) verbal
3) spoken
4) written

Q 39) While mentioning the previous job experience in a Resume, you should follow
the ____order.
1) reverse chronological
2) chronological
3) important job first
4) jumbled-up

Q 40) Choose the correct option: Unstructured interview is also called____________.
1) directive interview
2) non directive interview
3) collaborative approach interview
4) approach interview

Q 41) Choose the correct option: In a group discussion, one must communicate with
1) knowledge
2) ignorance
3) long sentences
4) hostility

Q 42) When is the best time to break into a discussion?
1) When everyone is silent
2) When two or three people are talking simultaneously
3) When somebody is concluding the discussion
4) All of these

Q 43) Which of these must be avoided in a group discussion?
1) speaking fast
2) speaking clear
3) speaking facts
4) asking questions

Q 44) Choose the correct option: A _________ is a monitor of a group discussion.
1) moderator
2) leader
3) manager
4) poet

Q 45) Choose the correct option: A group discussion must advance________.
1) truth
2) dishonesty
3) personal glory
4) arguments

Q 46) Which of the following is advantage of time management?
1) Less stress
2) Inefficient workflow
3) Poor work quality
4) A poor professional reputation and a stalled career

Q 47) Choose the correct option: Effective time management provides ________
opportunities to achieve important life and career goals.
1) greater
2) inadequate
3) lesser
4) equal

Q 48) Choose the correct option: The first model of communication is said to have
developed by ________.
1) Aristotle
2) Plato
3) Steiner
4) Socrates

Q 49) Choose the correct option: According to Hoben, _____ is the verbal interchange
of thought or idea.
1) Communication
2) Concept
3) Writing Skills
4) Information

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 Soft Skill and English Communication Top 50 Questions PART-1 Click here

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